On the basis of Probationary Certificate of Franchise issued by the National Electrification Administration on August 6, 1973, the initial step in organizing the NUEVA ECIJA II ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. ( NEECO II) was set into motion.

       On September 22, 1975, at the College of the Republic, San Jose City, the Cooperative was born with the signing of the Articles of Incorporation by the first elected Board of Directors.         The area coverage of NEECO II as per the Probationary Certificate of Franchise, originally comprises 14 towns, namely Bongabon, Carranglan, Gabaldon, Gen. Natividad, Guimba, Laur, Llanera, Lupao, Munoz, Pantabangan, Rizal, Sto. Domingo, Talavera and Talugtug, while the two (2) cities are San Jose and Palayan. However, with the creation of NEECO III, the area coverage were reduced to ten (10) municipalities namely: Talavera, Lupao, Carranglan, Aliaga, Quezon, Licab, Sto. Domingo, Munoz, Guimba and Talugtug. The towns of Bongabon, Gabaldon, Laur, Gen. Natividad, Llanera, Rizal and Palayan City were turned over to NEECO III. The towns taken over by NEECO II from NEECO I were Aliaga, Quezon and Licab. Pantabangan on the other hand, is being administered by its Municipal Government except for Barangay Conversion which is administered by NEECO II.

        The ten (10) municipalities it covers is composed of 301 barangays, however, under the Accelerated Barangay Energization Program, ten (10) barangays were waived in favor of Tarelco I for them to electrify due to the proximity of the areas to the tapping point which happened to be within the franchise area of said cooperative. From the remaining 291 barangays, all of which are already energized or 100% accomplished.

        On the basis of Certificate of Franchise dated November 24, 2004, NEECO II acquired the franchise of the NEA Management Team (former NEECO III) covering the City of Palayan and the municipalities of Sta. Rosa, San Leonardo, Peñaranda, Gen.Tinio, Bongabon, Laur, Gabaldon, Llanera, Natividad and Rizal. Hence, two (2) distinct cooperatives was created named NEECO II AREA 1 and NEECO II AREA 2 with different General Managers and separate book of accounts but the same set of Board of Directors.

         On October 1, 2008 upon implementation of the coop’s Reorganization, the area coverage of NEECO II Area 1 was divided into two zones namely; Zone 1 and Zone 2 being managed by Zone Engineers for technical concerns, Field Office Supervisors for financial concerns and District Consumer Welfare Officer for Institutional concerns . Zone 1 comprises the municipalities of Talavera, Aliaga, Sto. Domingo, Quezon and Licab and while Zone 2 is composed of Munoz, Guimba/ Talugtug, Lupao and Carranglan. Zone 1 has five (5) District Offices, same with Zone 2. Each District Office is composed of District Consumer Welfare Officer, Teller and Station Linemen to cater the needs of member-consumers particularly payment of power bill consumption and attendance to coop queries and complaints.

            Responsible for the business and affairs of the coop are the Board of Directors composing of eight (8) members elected by its member-consumers. The Board of Directors formulate and adopt policies and plans, promulgate rules and regulations for the management, operation and conduct of the business of the cooperative or in short, the Board is the policy making body while the General Manager serves as the implementing arm, fully supported by its staff.

Present Composition of NEECO II Area 1 Board of Directors

               Mr. Reynaldo V. Villanueva                       -                  President
               Talavera-District VIII

               Vacant                                                     -                  Vice President
               Quezon/Licab-District IV

               Mr. Eduardo Baldedara                            -                  Secretary
               Munoz-District VI

               Vacant                                                     -                  Treasurer
               Aliaga-District. V

               Mr. Francisco R. Palomo, Jr.                      -                  PRO
               Carranglan-District III

               Vacant                                                     -                  Member
               Sto. Domingo-District VIII

               Mr. Rolly DV. Ramos                                 -                   Member
               Lupao-District II

               Mr. Noriel Junio                                        -                  Member
               Guimba/Talugtug-District I

            For the past 35 years from its birth, various NEA personnel, local manager and coop employees who were designated OIC-General Manager headed the cooperative. At present, the coop is managed by Ms. Eulalia M. Castro, former Institutional Services Manager. She was designated by the Board of Directors as OIC-General Manager and confirmed by the National Electrification Administration. On September 1, 2008, she was appointed as regular General Manager of the coop. Assisting her are the six (6) Department Managers namely Finance Services Manager, Institutional Services Manager, Technical Services Manager, Internal Audit Manager, Corplan and Infotech Manager and Trading and Compliance Manager. At present, the total workforce of the coop is 230 including the General Manager.