Pay Your Electric Bills Promptly, Losses Increase Electric Rate.       |               ANNOUNCEMENTS:     CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW ELECTED NEECO II BOARD OF DIRECTORS    DISTRICT I GUIMBA & TALUGTUG - Dir. Noriel B. Junio   |   DISTRICT II LUPAO - Dir. Rolly DV. Ramos   |  DISTRICT III CARRANGLAN - Dir. Francisco R. Palomo,   |  DISTRICT VI MUNOZ - Dir. Eduardo V. Baldedara   |  DISTRICT VII TALAVERA - Dir. Reynaldo V. Villanueva      |   INVITATION FOR BID No. NE-II-A1-2015-02 NEECO II- Area 1 invites Sealed Bids from all qualified and eligible supplier / contractor for Lot I. 2015 3rd-4th Quarter Material Requirements; Lot II. Disposal of Non-Performing Assets. More info click here!     |   POWER INTERRUPTION   |  

      On the basis of Probationary Certificate of Franchise issued by the National Electrification Administration on August 6, 1973, the initial step in organizing the NUEVA ECIJA II ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. ( NEECO II) was set into motion.

      On September 22, 1975, at the College of the Republic, San Jose City, the Cooperative was born with the signing of the Articles of Incorporation by the first elected Board of Directors.  The area coverage of NEECO II as per the Probationary Certificate of Franchise, originally comprises 14 towns, namely Bongabon, Carranglan, Gabaldon, Gen. Natividad, Guimba, Laur, Llanera, Lupao, Munoz, Pantabangan, Rizal, Sto. Domingo, Talavera and Talugtug, while the two (2) cities are San Jose and Palayan. However, with the creation of NEECO III, the area coverage were reduced to ten (10) municipalities namely: Talavera, Lupao, Carranglan, Aliaga, Quezon, Licab, Sto. Domingo, Munoz, Guimba and Talugtug. The towns of Bongabon, Gabaldon, Laur, Gen. Natividad, Llanera, Rizal and Palayan City were turned over to NEECO III. The towns taken over by NEECO II from NEECO I were Aliaga, Quezon and Licab. Pantabangan on the other hand, is being administered by its Municipal Government except for Barangay Conversion which is administered by NEECO II.

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  Talavera   Aliaga

  Sto. Domingo   Quezon














NO. : NE-II-A1-2015-02 

- Lot I. 2015 3rd-4th Quarter Material Requirements

- Lot II. Disposal of Non-Performing Assets

NO. : NE-II-A1-2015-01 

- Construction of Distribution Lines.

-Status of Electrification(March2014)
-Status of Electrification (Feb.2014)
-Status of Electrification (Jan.2014
-New Connection (Consumer Form)
-2012 Annual Report
-2011 Annual Report

-ERC Case No. 2013-007 RM

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Invitation to Bid PMOS Activities Sitio

The NEECO II- Area 1's invites Sealed Bids from all qualified and eligible supplier and/or manufacturer.  

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